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‘attitude’ is the game changer

Currere performance coaching

Currere performance coaching

‘attitude’ is the
game changer

Daz davey

Who am i

I have been teaching, coaching and mentoring students and business for 25+ years. A 31 year career in Her Majesty’s Royal Marines has provided me with many experiences from which I can reflect and implement during my lesson deliveries. My experience extends a wide scope from professional sporting teams to global organisations. To date I have delivered workshops to England RFU, England Football (pre-world Cup), England Rowing (pre-world championships), numerous professional rugby clubs including; Exeter Chiefs, London Welsh, Llanelli, Neath and Plymouth Albion. Most recently working with the Canucks, Les Rouges, the Canadian Rugby team in their preparation for the Rugby World Cup in Japan 2019. 

Away from the sporting arena I have developed leadership and management standards in numerous national and international organisations such as Darwin Escapes, NHS, HSBC, regional public sector organisations and most recently worked in collaboration with the executive team of ASOS. My proven USP is my ability to bring learning alive with my energetic approach using metaphors and analogy’s in order to make sense of and cement learning. My strap line ‘ATTITUDE THE GAME CHANGER’ is fundamental in everything I do.

It doesn’t matter the team or individual, everyone has extrinsic and intrinsic psychology/‘attitudes’ that reduce performance; Your/their performance is equal to your/their potential minus your/their psychology!

In other words, without strategy to deal with the negative aspects of performance, you will always be reduced by their presence.

At Currere Performance Coaching I will explore with you those issues, help you decide how to negate them and put in place a workable strategic plan in order to grow!


The idea of curriculum is hardly new. It has its origins in the running or chariot tracks of Greece. It was, literally, a race course. In Latin curriculum was a racing chariot; meaning Currere. A course to be run for reaching a certain goal.

The Logo

This logo was chosen to demonstrate the brain being challenged. Being ‘Socratic’ i.e challenging through questioning and creating a deeper thought process allows my learners to have responsibility for the outcomes of learning and thus raising self-esteem.


Currere Performance Coaching has been created to develop individuals, teams and businesses, in both sporting and corporate sectors to facilitate a greater leadership, management, coaching and mentoring ethos and culture.

Teacher, Coach, Mentor

what i Deliver


Performance Coaching




Time Management


Project Management


Dealing With Stress


Dealing With change


Learning And Memory Training






Management Coaching


is the game changer


A one-day course exploring the following concepts that will raise awareness in your team to promote an exciting change in workplace dynamics.

1. Goal Setting (inc GROW Model)
2. Mindfulness & Competency Awareness
3. Performance Analytics
4. Stress & Anxiety
5. Motivation
6. Communication
7. The Bystander Effect (Social Apathy)
8. Growth Mindset & Resilience


 The day will conclude with a self-generated Performance Profile from which SMART(er) Goals can be set and implemented. Come and see how to create a collective & positive ‘State of Mind’ within your team.

Feedback…….Fantastic session today with Daz Davey from Currere Performance Coaching on Attitude – The Game Changer with some of the team. Definitely recommend to any company. Amazing how attitude influences you more than knowledge & skills!   #coaching #training #positivepsychology


People and Teams

I believe that developing people and teams are key areas to increase performance and output of any organisation, after all, they are your greatest asset! 

Whether you run a small, medium or large business, sports team or charity it is important to develop and embrace a change and growth mindset for all. 

I will facilitate an environment amongst your team that encourages ResponsibilityMission CommandCommunication and Synergy.

I believe ‘ATTITUDE’ IS THE GAME CHANGER for any organisation, invite me to develop your team as I have for the Royal Marines, professional sports teams, small and large businesses and individuals.

learning from the past to provide for the future


Working in partnership

Working in partnership

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what They’re Saying

Client Testimonials

“I really enjoyed the session today, it made me view questions from a different perspective and analyse my original thoughts.”

“I can not fault the day from start to finish.”

“What leadership really is, looking at well-known leaders through time and their characteristics. Comparing to my own style and what will and won’t work or what could be improved on.”

“The complexity level of the information was perfect, and allowed for discussions at a level above the required learning, without being too difficult to comprehend.”

“The length of the course and the application of breaks was most appropriate.”

“Yes, it was a great session. Daz has an amazing gift in asking the right questions to enable us to find the answers without making you feel pressured or uncomfortable.”

“Having covered numerous management theories from Mayo to Taylor, Mitzberg to Mouton, Maslow to Herzberg it brought into perspective a lot of things our organization does and was good to compare it to other departments and organizations. The different ways covered to monitor, management, progress and provide feedback to staff will be very useful in the day to day activities I perform when acting as a supervisor. The coaching session as well was very eye opening into the power of communication and how it changes through even a small session and can be used to great effect to manage change.”

“Thankfully I felt engaged from the word go and am very much looking forward to seeing what else the course will offer.”

“If there was anything I did not understand during the session, I felt at ease to ask questions, as no question is a silly question.”

“The delivery was enthusiastic and promoted trainee engagement.”

“I really enjoyed today, the varied and interactive style of teaching appeals to my learning methods.”

“There were many theories I had not heard of before but they were quickly and well explained. Any questions or gaps I had at the time where all were addressed so everything new made sense by the end.”

“I enjoyed the session from the very start to the very end and can’t think of any way it could have been improved upon”

“There was always an opportunity to ask questions.”

“Everyone seemed engaged, got attention when required and was brought into the group discussions and activates.”

“There was plenty of scope for those being trained to get involved.”

“The smallest actions can produce the biggest results.”

“New ideas and theories were very well explained and soon started to sink in leaving me with no issues or concerns come the end of the session.”

“I understood, as always, a lot to absorb.”

“It was an eye opener for me to see how accurate the description of myself was. This has highlighted areas of my personal development needs.”

“Different leadership and coaching models, helping to put things into practice and realising how they can be used.”

“The method of having us research and present information to the group I think was very inspired and not only got us invested before the session but kept things fresh and new. I think it will help inspire more confidence in us and was a very enjoyable training methods, backed up by a knowledgeable trainer to ensure any gaps were filled in and using good questioning to draw out more information and understanding.”

“I learnt a lot about my own role within a team by performing the Belbin test. Today’s session was slightly different as we had research tasks to perform and then made a presentation to the group to discuss and explain theories. This was a surprisingly enjoyable method of learning and helped get everyone engaged. Also with a number of different people presenting information in different styles it brought in lots of interesting variance.”

“I was engaged from the get go and enjoyed the session throughout. I can’t think of anything done that would have improved the session.”

“I learnt more about leadership styles, theories and models which I can apply with confidence.”

“Daz is an asset to ETS. He makes each workshop interesting and engaging, it never feels like death by powerpoint and whilst I may leave with a headache, that’s good as he is challenging my brain and my thought processes all day from start to finish.”

“I believe the GROW model and use of SMARTER targets will be of most use to me going forwards as my duties often are risen to that of a mentor or an acting supervisor and these can be used in a great number of situations. Having a deeper understanding of performance and potential has also given me a great deal of food for thought.”

“We covered numerous different theories and models for coaching and managing performance, not only learning of the models and theories but also how they can apply to work and be used. I learnt a great number of new theories and models such as GROW, SMARTER Batari’s Box and the Triune brain just to name a few. Most of these will be of great help during my additional duties as an acting supervisor and mentor.”

“I believe today the most valuable things I have gained was the insight into the effect and impact of a good coaching session can bring about, and the confidence gained from presenting learning to the group. Giving me more incentive to keep improving and moving forwards while also reflecting on how much of a positive impact good leadership can bring, even with a small time frame.”

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